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eternally frustrated

  • me: aklfjdj
  • Whitney: weird
  • Whitney: btw, does aklfjdj mean anything? i thought it was random keys but you use it a lot

care packages...

  • Whitney: do you ever work with quark?
  • me: not in 8 years, you can try me I guess
  • Whitney: we got files from the UK and they still use quark. they have bad teeth and use quark over there. im thinking of sending a care package containing floss and CS5.
  • anyway.


  • Whitney: did
  • you
  • know
  • that
  • you
  • like
  • to
  • send
  • a
  • lot
  • of
  • g
  • chats
  • in
  • a
  • row
  • and
  • the
  • noise
  • makes
  • me
  • crazy
  • i love ya but the clink clink clink noise makes me agh!
  • me: i have it disabled :D
  • so i cannot sympathize with you

she may not loves it when i tumble her this time

  • Whitney: ive had "crawling in the dark" stuck in my head alllllll morning
  • me: by who
  • Whitney: hoobastank (whitney hangs her head in shame)
Whitney finally cracked a smile after 50 attempts.

Whitney finally cracked a smile after 50 attempts.

“i loves it when you tumble me!”

– Whitney


  • Whitney: pandora keeps playing paramore. i hate to say it, but i think i love them.

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